Formula Editor

Applicable to Sisense on Linux and Microsoft Windows

The Formula Editor is where Designers define formulas for a dashboard's widgets.

To open the Formula Editor:

The Formula Editor has two tabs, the Data Browser to select fields and the Functions tab to select formula operations. You can create a formula combining one or more function, field and filters. The diagram below highlights the main components of the formula panel.

  1. Functions are operations which perform different calculations, for example a sum. Use the ‘Jump To’ menu or the search box to quickly find the formula you need.
  2. Fields in the Data Browser are variables contained in the data set (ElastiCube). Clicking on a field in the data browser will include it as part of the formula.
  3. Creating Formulas Based on Criteria and Conditions (Filters) can be applied to restrict formulas based on criteria.
  4. Reusing Formulas is a way to save a formula for later use.
  5. The Formula Editor window can be expanded by clicking the expand button at the top right.