Communication Ports for Multi-Node Deployments

Applicable to Sisense on Microsoft Windows

Sisense utilizes multiple communication ports. Some of the ports are used for communication between Sisense modules, and others are used for communication with remote locations.

When Sisense is installed as part of a single server deployment, ports used for communication between Sisense modules are considered internal ports, and do not need to be open in the firewall. When Sisense is installed in a Multi-Node deployment, where Sisense modules installed on different computers communicate with each other, ports used for communication between Sisense modules may need to be opened in the firewall. This depends on the specific deployment implemented in your environment.

Note: Sisense uses the WebSocket protocol for communication between services.

The table below lists the ports on which Sisense listens for communication in a Multi-Node deployment. For a single server deployment, see Sisense .

Note: During installation or upgrading, port 5986 should be open for external communication on all the nodes you are installing Sisense on. After installing or upgrading Sisense, this port can be closed.

Service Description Protocol Ports/Range Direction Process Name
Sisense.Oxygen Product licensing management HTTP 31112 Inbound Sisense.Oxygen.exe
HTTP 443 Outbound
Product tracking management HTTP 443 Outbound
Sisense.Orchestrator ElastiCube distribution SMB 445, 137-139 Inbound Sisense.Service.exe
Build/Attach/Detach ElastiCube commands TCP 811, 812 Outbound

Message Bus (RabbitMQ)

  • Interprocess communication
  • Pulse notifications
  • Build Logs
AMQP Default: 5672, 15672 TLS: 5671,15671
Dist: 25672 Discovery (ERL): 4369




Sisense.Discovery Configuration storage and service discovery management TCP 2181, 2888, 3888 Inbound Sisense.Discovery.exe
Sisense.Repository Application metadata database TCP 27018 Inbound Repository.Service.exe

Monitoring Files Manager

  • Collects data about the machine, for example, hard drive, cores number, RAM size, etc.
  • Collects data about processes performances CPU usage, Memory consumption , etc.
  • Deletes old monitoring files
  • Writes data to C:\ProgramData\Sisense\Monitoring\logs
N/A N/A N/A Sisense.Collector.exe

Monitoring Files Sender

  • Reads C:\ProgramData\Sisense\Monitoring\logs folder and ships it to Sisense logging service
  • Reads IIS logs and ships it to Sisense logging service
  • Truncates long logs
  • Encrypts sensitive fields
TCP 5052 Outbound


External Address:

Sisense.HouseKeeper Application monitoring services watchdog N/A N/A N/A Sisense.HouseKeeper.exe
Sisense.CLRConnectorsContainer Sisense Connectors framework (.NET) TCP 8090, 8098 Inbound Sisense.JVMConnectorsContainer.exe
Sisense.JVMConnectorsContainer Sisense Connectors framework (JAVA) TCP 8095, 9000-9010 Inbound Sisense.Connectors.Container.exe

ECM 2.0 API Server:

  • ElastiCubes management
  • Schema management
  • Builds management
HTTP 15000-15050 Inbound Sisense.Service.exe

ECM 2.0 Build Logs Service:

  • Builds messages and status channel
  • Build messages and status persistent
HTTP 15000-15050 Inbound ECMLogsPersistenceService.exe

Elasticube Managment Services:

  • Query pipeline to MonetDB
TCP 811, 812 Inbound ElastiCube.ManagementService.exe

Backend Services APIs:

  • ElastiCube metadata
  • Query (JAQL) endpoint
  • Query translation
  • Pivot 1.0 generator (query+UI)
  • CSV export
  • Data Security
  • ACL's
HTTP 14996, 15000-15050 Inbound w3wp.exe
Sisense.Galaxy Application general APIs service HTTP 15000-15050 Inbound Sisense.Service.exe

Main entry point and API router:

  • APIs discovery
  • APIs internal load balancer and routing
  • SSL termination
  • Protocols translation (HTTP/AMQP/Websockets)
  • Static assets handler (JS/CSS/HTML/IMG)
HTTP 8081 Inbound
Sisense.Configuration Configuration Manager API Service and API server for system settings and configuration HTTP 15000-15050 Inbound

Identity APIs and Management:

  • SSO
  • Login
  • Users
  • Roles
  • Groups
HTTP 15000-15050 Inbound

Jobs trigger and scheduler

  • Email reporting
  • Maintenance/migrations

Client side plugins manager:

  • Plugins administration
  • Plugins serving
HTTP 15000-15050 Inbound

Data streaming engine:

  • Export to Excel
  • Table preview
HTTP 15000-15050 Inbound

Sisense files uploader/manager

  • Upload Excel/CSV
HTTP 1500-15050 Inbound

Usage analytics service

  • Usage data collection
  • Usage data file management/rotation
HTTP 15000-15050 Inbound
Sisense.Pivot2 Pivot 2.0 service HTTP 15000-15050 Inbound
Sisense.QueryProxy IIS Proxy service
Internal proxy to IIS APIs
N/A N/A Inbound  

Note: When trying to add an ElastiCube server to a web server, Sisense pings the web server. If it cannot successfully ping the server, the error message "The Elasticube server is not reachable" is returned. Make sure that ICMP communication is enabled on the web server.

The table above describes the communication ports in a Multi-Node environment. If you have a single server deployment, see Sisense .