Applicable to Sisense on Linux and Microsoft Windows

Sisense Quest is a Sisense add-on that allows you to apply advanced analytic models to your widgets, and then add actions that your Viewers can take from the dashboard.

Each advanced analytic model provides a new multi-dimensional AI interface to enrich Viewers with a data-driven dialogue and deep analysis according to context and relevance.

To download Sisense Quest, click here.

How Sisense Quest Works

Quest provides your Viewers with a simple way to apply advanced analytics to widgets in their dashboards. After viewing the advanced insights, you can take additional actions such as to share your insight with other users or open Slack conversations.

As a Dashboard Designer, you determine what models Viewers can use and what actions they can perform on any of the widgets supported by Quest. This ensures that Viewers can quickly get insights by performing only the relevant analysis.

After installing the Quest add-on, anytime you create or edit one of the supported widgets, the Quest Model editor is added to your design panel.

From the Quest Model Editor, you select which models can be applied to a widget, and what actions to take. In addition, you can add custom action using JavaScript or create custom model using Python.

When you create or edit a supported widget, only compliant models are enabled. Any widget that does not have the required data structure and data volume is disabled. For each model that is supported, you can click the model’s name to display all the supported actions that you can add.

Actions that are selected are displayed under the Actions button when a Viewer clicks Deep Analysis.

Sisense provides the following actions by default:

Download: Allow Viewers to download the widget as an image.

Share: Allow Viewers to share the widget with another user.

Download CSV: Allows you to download the data displayed in the widget as a CSV file. By default, your data is separated by the ',' delimiter, however you can define this per widget when adding the Download CSV action.

Open URL: Allow Viewers to open a URL from the widget.

Open in Slack: Allows Viewers to open a Slack conversation from the dashboard.

Open in Teams: Allows Viewers to open Microsoft Teams from a dashboard. When configuring this action, you need to add the URL for the relevant Microsoft team to be opened from the dashboard.

In addition, you can add custom actions that you develop.

The last options displayed in the Quest Model Editor determine when a Viewer can apply a model and displays a preview of the widget with the model applied.

: Applies the model automatically when the dashboard is loaded. This icon is yellow when applied.

: Displays a preview of the model applied to the data in the Widget Editor.

: Allows Viewers to apply this model to the widget.

: Affects the AI algorithm ranking and displays this widget above other exploration widgets. Note that the user feedback is fully democratic: each user influences all other users, and all likes carry the same weight.

Supported Widgets

Not all widgets are supported yet. The currently supported widgets are listed below:


Sisense Quest was designed for BI Analysts, Data Scientists, and Developers. Depending on your role and how you use Sisense Quest, there are various requirements.

For creating custom models, you should be familiar with Python

For creating actions, you should know JavaScript


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