Uploading Files through the File Manager

Applicable to Sisense on Linux

Sisense enables you to customize your Linux deployment with custom connectors, add-ons, translations, and rebranded dashboards stored in your Linux shared storage. You can easily manage all of these files through the File Manager in the Sisense Admin page with your Sisense Administrator credentials.

Accessing the File Manager

Note: Only Sisense Administrators can access the File Manager.

To access the File Manager:

Managing Files in the File Manager

In the File Manager, you can upload your static customized files for your Sisense deployment. The File Manager displays a list of relevant directories where the relevant customized files can be stored in your shared storage. You can upload the files by opening the relevant directory and dragging the files into your browser.

The list below describes which files should be placed in the directory with links to the relevant pages where you can find more information about the files that should be stored in each folder.