Mounting on a Dedicated Disk for Sisense Single Nodes

For Sisense Linux deployments on a single node, you must mount /opt on a dedicated disk.

To mount /opt:

  1. Locate your disk with the following command:
  2. Create a file system.
    sudo mkfs.xfs /dev/{second_disk_name}
  3. Verify /opt directory was created.
    sudo mkdir -p /opt
  4. Add it to /etc/fstab.
    Note: Be careful with this file as it can quite easily cause your system not to boot. Add a line for the drive, the format would look like this, this assumes the partition is formatted as ext4 as per XFS above.
  5. Load the new mount point to the system.
    sudo mount -a
  6. Verify /opt is on the new disk.