Linux Release Notes

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Release Overview

Release L2021.9 provides a number of new features and significant improvements to Sisense for Linux. For example, new options for sharing to groups, support for CentOS 8 Stream, additional white labeling controls, setting the fiscal year at the model level, working with data bars and colors in pivot tables, and more.

What's New


Limit Users Sharing to Their Own Groups

Sharing Dashboards with New Users

Support for CentOS Stream 8


Powered by Sisense Label


What's Improved?


Disable Colorization of Logs in JS

Support for Emails Without a Top-level Domain

ElastiCube to Datasource Time Zone Alignment

Data Model

Setting Fiscal Year at the Model Level

Identifying Unsupported Fields


Pivot Table Data Bars and Coloring


Recommended Minimum Requirement Updates

In the Linux Minimum Requirements Recommended Deployment Sizes table, the Disk 1 and Disk 2 size requirements have been updated to account for new features. Disk 1 should have at least 350GB for the root volume, and Disk 2 should have at least 400GB. The size requirements were updated to support the new features in this release.

What's Fixed

Dashboards and Widgets


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