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Released on 29 April 2021

Release Overview

Release L2021.3.1 offers a number of exciting new and improved features covering security, deployment, dashboards and widgets, filtering, among others.


What's New

Dashboards and Widgets

Text filters can be configured to be case insensitive

  • To improve text filtering results for Snowflake data sources, Administrators can configure text filters to be case insensitive by default.
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    A Dashboard Designer creates a new filter and then starts entering a search term to select a certain value. When this configuration is off, the search is case sensitive; when this configuration is on, the search is case insensitive, potentially returning different results.


Internal monitoring support for Grafana dashboards in offline environments

More Sisense assets saved during backup/restore

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When you back up Sisense as part of regular maintenance or before making significant changes to your deployment, more Sisense assets are automatically included in the backup .tar file.

SSL certificates and private keys used to install Sisense are not automatically backed up when creating a tarball archive and must be backed up manually. So, it's recommended that these certificates are saved to a separate secure vault.

Deployment and Upgrading

Portworx integration

Sisense deployment in proxy, no proxy systems


Updates and improvements to Sisense security features

What's Fixed



Dashboards and Widgets


L2021.3.0.144 - April 27, 2021 - Official Release


Breaking Changes

Important to Know

What's New

Sisense Customization Enhancements

An OEM provider has multiple customers divided into different groups in Sisense. Each group of customers experienceSisense with unique colors and logos applicable to them.

What's Improved

Additional New Features and Improvements

AI Features

Improvements for Dashboard Designers

Dashboard Designers now have additional ways to filter their data:


Data Management

Data Modeling

Data Sources and Connectors


User Management

What's Fixed