Sisense on Windows versus Linux

Applicable to Sisense on Linux

The following table provides a feature comparison between Sisense on Windows and Sisense on Linux: 

Feature Sisense V8.1 Windows

Sisense V8.0.X Linux

Dashboard design via Web UI
ElastiCube design via Web UI
Embed SDK ✓ (from 8.0.5)
Pulse Alerts
Pulse Alerts over Live X ✓ (from 8.0.4)
Live Support
Live Multi-Schema X
Scheduled Reports
ElastiCube design via Desktop ElastiCube Manager Sisense Linux supports the data model design in the Sisense. The desktop ElastiCube Manager will not be supported in Linux.
R Integration
Pre-Post Build Plugins X
Data Groups X
ElastiCube Sets ElastiCube Sets have been replaced by Data Groups in Linux.
Usage Analytics
AI Exploration Paths
Augmented Text Deduplication - Group Similar (Dedupe) X
Pivot Pivot 2.0*
Sisense Narratives ✓ (excluding Pivots)
Forecasting X
Warehouse tab X ✓ (from 8.0.5)
SSO using JWT
SSO using SAML 2.0
SSO using Open ID Connect
Active Directory Integration
Custom Email Templates
Custom Languages
Working with Remote servers This feature will not be supported in Sisense Linux.
Single and Multi-Server Deployment/Clustered Deployment
High Availability (Note: requires clustered deployment)
Kubernetes and Container Deployment X
Helm Deployment X
PSM.exe The functionality of this application was replaced by the Linux CLI and REST API.
Front End Add-ons (Plugins)
Note: The Pivot widget on Linux does not yet support any add-ons (plugins). Support for plugins on the Pivot will be added soon.
Advanced Formula X
Aggregated Table
Analyze with Insight Miner ✓ (Starting from Sisense V8.0.3)
ArcGIS Map Integration
Sisense BloX
Note: If you are installing Sisense BloX in a Linux environment, you cannot manually install or upgrade Sisense BloX. It will be installed or upgraded when you install the latest version of Sisense Linux.
Dynamic Buckets
Dynamic ElastiCubes
Embed Images X (This will be supported in a future version)
Filtered Measures
Forecasting add-on
Funnel Widget
Gantt Chart
Interactive Pivot
Jump to Dashboard
K-Means Clustering
Limit Autocomplete
Monitor Sensitive Data ✓ (Starting from Sisense V8.0.0)
Print Widget
Quest ✓ (Starting from Sisense V8.0.2)
Report Manager X
Sticky Filters
Switchable Dimensions
Trellis Chart
Visualize Queries (JAQLine)

For a list of supported connectors, see Linux Connectors.

* Data bars and Add-ons are not currently support for Pivot tables.

* When exporting a Pivot table tp PDF, Sisense supports up to 1000 rows.