Upgrading Sisense on Linux

Applicable to Sisense on Linux

You can upgrade Sisense on Linux by modifying the value of update in the config.yaml file you defined when deploying Sisense. After you have updated the file, run the script to upgrade Sisense.

To ensure that your deployment of Sisense continues to work as before, you should back up your Sisense assets.


To upgrade Sisense in a Linux environment:

  1. Backing Up Sisense in Linux assets.
  2. Download the latest version of Sisense.
    wget [sisense-linux-deployment-link]
    Contact Sisense to receive the latest Linux archive file.
  3. Copy your previous configuration file (for example, config.yaml) to the current installation folder.
  4. Edit the config.yaml file with the following command.
    vim config.yaml
  5. In config.yaml file set the value of update to true. In addition, configure any other values as necessary. For a full explanation of each parameter, see Initializing Sisense on Linux.
  6. After you have finished configuring the config.yaml file, run the script.
    ./sisense.sh config.yaml
    Your configuration settings are displayed with a message to confirm that you want to deploy Sisense with these settings.
  7. Enter Yes to confirm that you want to deploy Sisense.
    If you have backed up your Sisense assets, see Restoring Sisense in Linux in Linux to restore them.