Setting Up Multiple Instances of Sisense

Applicable to Sisense on Linux

If you want to support multiple instances of Sisense, for example, a dev and a production environment, or if you offer Sisense dashboards to multiple customers and want a specific Sisense instance for each customer, you can set up multiple deployments.

Note: You cannot install multiple name spaces in single node deployments.

To set up another Sisense instance: 

  1. Open the configuration file used when you installed Sisense, for example:
    vim cloud_config.yaml
    The command should contain the name of the configuration file you used, not necessarily cloud_config.yaml.
  2. Modify the values of the following parameters:
    update: Set to true.
    gateway_port: Enter a new value for each deployment. The value should be between 30000-32000. You cannot have to deployments with the same gateway_port value.
    namespace_name: Enter a unique namespace name distinct from any other namespace names you have.
  3. Run your configuration script to create a new Sisense instance.