Integrating Sisense with Portworx

Sisense requires the following system prerequisites and deployment configuration changes if your environment uses the Portworx platform for end-to-end storage and data management solution on the Kubernetes cluster.

System Prerequisites

For more information about the storage classes, see the Portworx documentation.

These Portworx prerequisites are in addition to the prerequisites detailed in the:

Deployment Configuration

You must make the following changes to the cluster_config.yaml file used for the Initializing Sisense on Linux prodedure.

  1. Edit the cluster_config.yaml file.
    vim cluster_config.yaml
  2. Remove the redundant configuration from the k8s_nodes parmeter. Only use the node and roles keys:
    - { node: node1, roles: "application, query" }
    - { node: node2, roles: "application, query" }
    - { node: node3, roles: "build" }
  3. For the storage_type parameter, enter the value: "portworx"
  4. Add the following two parameters to the cluster storage type section in the YAML file:
    rwx_sc_name: The name for the storage class with the ReadWriteMany capability
    rwo_sc_name: The name for the storage class with the ReadWriteOnce capability
    storage_type: "portworx"
    rwx_sc_name: "your-rwx-storageclassname"
    rwo_sc_name: "your-rwo-storageclassname"

Note: When using Portworx as storage provider, you must use it for both ReadWriteMany and ReadWriteOnce.