Step 6: Monitoring Sisense on Linux

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Sisense comes with several tools for monitoring the health of your deployment that allow you to troubleshoot any issues. These tools allow you to monitor the following areas:

Sisense Monitor

Sisense Monitor provides information about dashboard performance and your ElastiCube builds. For example, you can identify if too many concurrent builds are affecting query performance and then take corrective action such as scheduling builds throughout the day.

For more information, see Sisense Monitor. To access Sisense Monitor, contact your CSM.

System Management

In the Admin page of Sisense, you can view the health of your nodes from the System Management tab. Within the System Management tab, you can view which nodes are active, the status of your system, and a description of the system's hardware specifications.


Sisense provides a Grafana dashboard on Prometheus for monitoring your Sisense Linux cluster. This dashboard allows you to track performance and usage of different pods across different namespaces, investigate performance issues from a centralized location.

You can access your Grafana from the System Management tab:


In your browser, type http://{IP}:(random _port*)/login

You can retrieve the port with the following command:  kubectl get svc -n monitoring prom-operator-grafana

EFK (Elasticsearch, FluentD and Kibana)

Elasticsearch, FluentD and Kibana (EFK) is a combined logging mechanism that lets you build dashboards for monitoring important parts of your deployment from metrics collected by FluentD. If you provisioned EFK (is_efk = true) when you initialized Sisense on Linux, Sisense activated EFK.

This means that Sisense began collecting metrics about your deployment that you can access through Kibana. Keep in mind that Sisense does not provide a Kibana dashboard, only access to Kibana with metrics collected by FluentD.

You can access Kibana and create your own dashboard with the collected metrics by entering the IP of your node, and port 30561 in your browser.


Kubernetes Dashboard

The Kubernetes Dashboard provides an interface for troubleshooting Sisense containers, and manage the cluster’s resources. You can use the dashboard to get an overview of how Sisense is running on your cluster as well as monitoring Sisense resources.

To access your Sisense Kubernetes dashboard, enter the following URLs into your browser:

Single Node Deployments


Multi-Node Deployments


Note: {IP} should be replaced with the IP address you defined in the config.yaml file when you provisioned Sisense.