Sharing Dashboards

Dashboard Owners or Sisense Administrators can share dashboards they have created with other Sisense users (Viewers and Designers). An owner is anyone who has created a dashboard. When owners share a dashboard, they can define the level of access the recipient receives. This includes one of two options:

Once a dashboard is shared, the icon appears next to the dashboard name in the Dashboards navigation panel:

You can hover over the dashboard in the Dashboards list to view ownership details.

When you share your dashboard, you can configure Sisense to send periodic email notifications containing the dashboard inside the email’s body to your dashboard’s recipients.

A dashboard recipient can edit the dashboard if you grant them permission, but the changes they make in the dashboard do not affect your copy of the dashboard. The recipient’s changes are automatically performed on a separate copy of the dashboard (to which only they have access). Dashboard recipients can revert to your latest shared copy at any time by right-clicking the dashboard’s name in the Dashboards list on the left of the Sisense environment and selecting Restore Dashboard.

When you share a dashboard that is contained within a folder, the dashboard is shared using the same structure (under the same folder).

When a Designer shares a dashboard with you, you become a recipient and all of the above applies to you.

To share a Dashboard:

  1. In the heading of your dashboard, click the Share button.
    In the Dashboards list, select > Export for the dashboard you want to share.
  2. Enter the emails or groups of users with whom to share the dashboard. Selecting Everyone specifies that this dashboard is shared with all Sisense users and user groups.
    The contact information of the people you add is listed in the center of the window and is displayed the next time you open this window.
    If a person does not have a Sisense account, they receive a link that guides them through the activation process.
  3. In the dropdown menu next to each user/user group, select whether the user is a Designer with editing rights (Can edit) or a Viewer (Can view).
  4. Toggle the Email Reports button next to each user/user group on/off to define whether the user receives scheduled email reports of the dashboard. Read more on email reports below.
  5. The Dashboard URL field at the bottom displays a direct link to this dashboard that you can copy/paste.
  6. Click Save.

Publishing Dashboards to Recipients

When an owner modifies a dashboard, for example, by adding a new widget, the dashboard is not automatically updated for recipients. The owner of a dashboard must publish their updated dashboard to update the dashboards of their recipients, and the dashboard recipients must refresh the dashboard before any of the owner’s changes are applied.

To publish a dashboard to your recipients:

Updating a Shared Dashboard

When a recipient modifies a shared dashboard, those changes remain local unless the recipient updates their dashboard to match the dashboard of the owner. If the recipient updates their shared dashboard to match the dashboard of the owner, any of their local changes to the dashboard are overwritten. Sisense recommends that recipients save any local versions of a shared dashboard as a new dashboard before updating a dashboard.

To update a shared dashboard:

  1. In the heading of your dashboard, click > Restore Dashboard.
    In the Dashboards list, right-click the dashboard’s name and select > Restore Dashboard.
  2. Click Yes to confirm that you want to update the shared dashboard.

Changing Ownership of a Dashboard

The owner of a dashboard can transfer ownership of the dashboard to an Admin or another Designer. Transferring ownership of dashboards can be useful when the original owner leaves your company and you do not want to lose their dashboards.

When you transfer ownership to another user, the dashboard remains as a shared dashboard within your Dashboards list, and you become a dashboard recipient. As a dashboard recipient, you are limited to how you can modify the dashboard, as described in Working with Shared Dashboards.

To transfer ownership of a dashboard:

  1. In the heading of the dashboard you want to transfer ownership of, click the Share button.
    In the Dashboards list, select > Share for the relevant dashboard.
    The Share window is displayed.

  2. Enter the name of the Administrator or Designer you want to transfer ownership to.
  3. In the User Privilege list of the user you want to make an owner, select Make Owner.
  4. Click Save. A Warning message is displayed.
  5. Click OK to confirm that you want to transfer ownership to the user.