Introduction to Data Sources

Connecting to your data is the first step in analyzing your business information. Sisense has native connectors to many SQL databases, NoSQL sources, and popular web applications.

For a short video overview of connecting to data, see below.

There are two ways you can connect to your data sources. You can either import the data into the ElastiCube or you can connect directly to the data source, which is known as a live connection.

Which connection type you choose depends on your use case and the data source itself. Importing your data into the ElastiCube takes advantage of Sisense high performance database. However, if your data changes frequently and your dashboard must reflect this, than a live connection is probably the best choice. Keep in mind however that live connections work only as well as the data source.

The tables below provide a list of supported data sources and links to the documentation for ElastiCube and live data sources.

Live Connectors

Connector Download Link More Information
Google BigQuery Pre-Installed Documentation
MemSQL Pre-Installed Documentation
MySQL Pre-Installed Documentation
Oracle Pre-Installed Documentation
PostgreSQL Pre-Installed Documentation
Redshift Pre-Installed Documentation
Snowflake Pre-Installed Documentation
SQL Server Pre-Installed Documentation

ElastiCube Connectors

Connector Download Link More Information
Access * Download Documentation
Bing Search* Download Documentation
Box * Download Documentation
CSV Pre-Installed Documentation
Custom REST Pre-Installed Documentation
Dropbox * Download Documentation
DynamoDB * Download Documentation
Elasticsearch * Download Documentation
Exact Online * Download Documentation
Excel Pre-Installed Documentation
FTP * Download Documentation
Generic JDBC Driver Pre-Installed Documentation
Generic ODBC Driver Pre-Installed Documentation
Generic OLE DB Driver Pre-Installed Documentation
Gmail * Download Documentation
Google AdWords Pre-Installed Documentation
Google Analytics Pre-Installed Documentation
Google BigQuery Pre-Installed Documentation
Google Sheets Pre-Installed Documentation
Heroku Postgres Pre-Installed Documentation
Hive * Download Documentation
HubSpot * Download Documentation
Intacct * Download Documentation
JSON * Download Documentation
MailChimp * Download Documentation
MemSQL Pre-Installed Documentation
Microsoft Active Directory * Download Documentation
Microsoft Dynamics CRM * Download Documentation
Microsoft Dynamics Nav * Download Documentation
MongoDB Download Documentation
MySQL Pre-Installed Documentation
Oracle Pre-Installed Documentation
PostgreSQL Pre-Installed Documentation
Quickbooks Desktop * Download Documentation
Quickbooks Online * Download Documentation
Redshift Pre-Installed Documentation
Salesforce Pre-Installed Documentation
ServiceNow * Download Documentation
SharePoint Excel Services * Download Documentation
Sisense ElastiCube Pre-Installed Documentation
Snowflake Pre-Installed Documentation
SparkSQL * Download Documentation
Splunk * Download Documentation
Stripe * Download Documentation
SQL Server Pre-Installed Documentation
Xero * Download Documentation
XML * Download Documentation
YouTube * Download Documentation
YouTube Analytics * Download Documentation
Other Connectors * Download Documentation

* Certified connectors are provided by our certificated partner. Sisense carefully evaluates and certifies each external connector to work with Sisense. This helps us ensure that our external connectors are always up-to-date and fully supported.

Notes for the certified connectors:

Technology Partner Connectors

Technology partners provide the service of connecting to data sources via the data pipeline, managing API changes and limits, and delivering comprehensive support as part of their service. Import your data into a data warehouse (Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more) to access your data with either ElastiCube or live data models. Contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager to discuss the full functionality our technology partners provide, as well as to start your free trial. For more information, click here.

Connector Connector Connector
Adobe Analytics Apple Search Ads AppsFlyer
DoubleClick Facebook Facebook Ads
Freshdesk Jira LinkedIn Ads
Magento Marketo Netsuite
Pardot Shopify Twitter Ads
Zendesk And more...  

Vendor JDBC Connectors

With the Sisense's generic JDBC driver you can leverage native JDBC connectors provided by the data source vendors to connect to additional data sources.

Connector Download Link More Information
Athena Download  
Azure Data Explorer Download  
Dremio Download  
IBM DB2 Download Documentation
PrestoDB Download  
Teradata Download  
Vertica Download  

Connecting to More Data Sources and Frameworks

You can connect to many additional data sources by leveraging Sisense’s generic frameworks such as the generic ODBC driver, JDBC driver, or Custom REST Framework.

Sisense supports these frameworks with frequent upgrades and new functionality. However, full connectors to specific data sources created through these frameworks are not supported.

Linux Support

Note: For the list of connectors available on Linux, click here.