Connecting to Access Using the ElastiCube Manager

Note: This topic describes how to import data through the desktop ElastiCube Manager. It is recommended that you import data through the online Sisense Web Application. For information, see Connecting to Access .

Sisense enables easy and quick access to tables contained within Microsoft Access files.

To connect to Microsoft Access: 

  1. Click Add data in the top menu of the desktop version of Sisense.
  2. Under Files, select Microsoft Access File.
  3. Select the Microsoft Access file you want to use. Click OK.
    All tables and views associated with the database will appear in a new window. To preview the data contained in a particular table, highlight the table or view in the list and click the preview pane below. To preview the table, select the Preview checkbox.
  4. Select the checkboxes next to each table or view you want to use.

  5. Existing relationships between tables can be automatically replicated in the ElastiCube by selecting the Automatically create relationships from database checkbox. Likewise fields with similar names can be linked by selecting the Automatically create relationships for fields with the same name checkbox.
  6. Once all relevant tables are selected, click OK.

Note: Sisense does not support Access files that were created with the 32-bit version of Microsoft Access. If you try to upload an Access file created in a 32-bit version of Access, the following connection error is displayed.

To upload 32-bit Access files, you can install Microsoft’s 64-bit Access Database Engine to upload your Access files or see Connecting to Access for more information.