Changing Connectivity Settings for Data Sources

Note: This page describes how to change connectivity settings in the desktop version of the ElastiCube Manager. This feature will be available online in the near future. For more information see Sisense V7.0 Backwards Compatibility.

This section describes how to change the connectivity settings for an existing data source. You can update the source of the data, on both the database and table levels. For example, a database or data file may have been moved to a new location, or updated, and the ElastiCube needs to be updated accordingly.

  1. In the top menu, Click ElastiCube, and under Build Settings, select Change Connectivity Settings
    A list of all existing data sources and associated data tables appear.
  2. Hover over the data source to reveal the following options:
  3. Hover over the data table to reveal the following options:
  4. To remove a data source, you must first delete all related tables from the ElastiCube schema. After deleting all tables, the data source will no longer appear.