New Connectors Framework

Applicable to Sisense on Linux

Starting from Sisense Linux V8.2.4, Sisense uses the new connectors framework for the following connectors:

Snowflake, Redshift, Postgre, MySQL, Google BigQuery, Oracle

The new connectors framework resolves issues related to memory consumption and improves the performance of the supported connectors. After installing Sisense Linux V8.2.4, all connectors supported by the new framework reside in /opt/sisense/storage/connectors/framework/(connector name), each one in its own folder.

Each connector folder contains 4 files:

Note: In rare cases you may have modified the description.json file of your legacy connector. If so, this file is ignored and you must reconfigure your connector as described in Configuring Connectors in the Configuration Manager.

Viewing Supported Connectors

Sisense will be releasing more connectors on the new framework. You can view a list of all the connectors currently supported by Sisense by executing the following in the Sisense CLI:

si connectors list

Disabling Connectors

If you prefer to work with legacy connectors, you can disable connectors that are built on the new framework. When disabled, the legacy connector will be used to handle model building, query, and build flows. This can be useful if some connector in the framework does not behave as expected.

si connectors disable -id <id>

If you want to disable the connector and now revert back to the legacy connector once the new connector is disabled, you can do this by setting the key shouldEnableDisableLegacyConnectors to false (in default it's false). The key shouldEnableDisableLegacyConnectors is located in the configuration: /Sisense/S1/configuration/production/connectors/shouldEnableDisableLegacyConnectors

Enabling Connectors

If you have disabled a connector and want to enable it again, you can do so with the following command:

si connectors enable -id <id>

When enabled, the new connector framework will be used to handle all flows related to the connector during model building, query and build flows.

Configuring Connectors in the Configuration Manager

In addition to the Sisense CLI, you can configure connectors directly though the Configuration Manager. The functionality is the same, but the Configuration Manager provides a GUI for making your changes.

To configure your connectors through the Configuration Manager:

  1. Access the Configuration Manager through the System Management section of the Admin page.
  2. Click Configuration.
  3. Click Manage Connectors. From this section you can enable or disable connectors by toggling the switch to Enabled or Disabled.
  4. Click Save.