Connecting to Intacct

The Sisense Intacct connector is a standalone connector that allows you to import data from Intacct into the ElastiCube Manager. After you have downloaded and installed the connector, you can connect through a connection string you provide Sisense in the ElastiCube Manager. The connection string is used to authenticate users who want to connect to Intacct.

Once you have connected to Intacct, you can import a variety of tables from the Intacct API.

This page describes how to install the Intacct connector, how to connect to Intacct with a connection string, and what tables you can import into the ElastiCube Manager:

Installing the Intacct Connector

Sisense provides the Intacct connector as a standalone connector that you can download and add to your list of default Sisense connectors.

To install the Intacct connector:

  1. Contact us for the Intacct installation file.
  2. Open the installation file and click Install.
  3. After the installation process is complete, click Close.

The Intacct connector is displayed in the ElastiCube Manager under Add Data > Web Services.

Adding Intacct Tables to Your ElastiCube

After you have installed the Intacct connector, you can import your data from Intacct by connecting with a connection string. The connection string contains your Intacct users credentials. Intacct uses the connection string to authenticate your account and allow you to extract the relevant data for your account.

The connection string to Intacct is in the following format:


For example:


Your Intacct connection string should include the following parameters, separated by a semicolon ';'.

To connect to a shared child company, add your LocationID parameter to the connection string. To connect to a distributed child company, add your ClientID parameter to the connection string.

To add Intacct data:

  1. In ElastiCube Manager, click Add Data and then, Intacct. The Connect to Intacct window is displayed.
  2. In Datasource Connection String, enter your connection string.
  3. Click Connect to Server. Intacct is displayed in the Select Database list.
  4. Click OK. Sisense connects to Intacct and displays a list of tables available for you to import.
  5. Select the relevant tables and click Add. The tables are displayed in the ElastiCube Manager.

Intacct Tables

The Sisense Intacct connector allows you to import the following tables into the ElastiCube Manager.

Available Tables

Available Views