Connecting to SQL

Note: This topic describes how to import data using the online Sisense Web Application. To import data through the desktop ElastiCube Manager, click here.

The web-based version of the ElastiCube Manager enables easy and quick access to databases, tables and views contained with SQL databases.

To import data from your SQL database:

  1. In the Data page of ElastiCube Manager, open an ElastiCube or click to create a new ElastiCube.
  2. In the ElastiCube, click . The Add Data dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click SQL Server. The SQL Server Database Connect area is displayed.
  4. Enter the following details:
  5. (Optional) Select Encrypt Connection to configure the driver to encrypt all communication with the SQL Server instance before sending it over the network, and then select Trust Server Certificate.
  6. Click . A list of tables in the database are displayed. All tables and views associated with the database will appear in a new window.
  7. From the Select Table list, select the relevant database you want to work with, and click Done. To view a preview of data contained in a particular table, select the table or view in the list and in click the Preview Table.
  8. After you have selected all the relevant tables, click Done.