Connecting to SQL

Note: This topic describes how to import data using the online Sisense Web Application. To import data through the desktop ElastiCube Manager, click here.

The web-based version of the ElastiCube Manager enables easy and quick access to databases, tables and views contained with SQL databases.

Note: Sisense connects to your SQL database through the default port 1433. This port should be open to Sisense so a connection can be made. Contact your IT department if this port is closed.

To import data from your SQL database:

  1. In the Data page of ElastiCube Manager, open an ElastiCube or click to create a new ElastiCube.
  2. In the ElastiCube, click . The Add Data dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click SQL Server. The SQL Server Database Connect area is displayed.
  4. In Location: Enter the computer/server IP address of the database. To connect to a database running on your own computer enter localhost.
  5. If Windows Authentication is configured with the database, select Use Windows Authentication and enter your username and password in the relevant fields.
    Select Use the following user name and password and enter your SQL database credentials in the relevant fields below.
  6. (Optional) Select Encrypt Connection to configure the driver to encrypt all communication with the SQL Server instance before sending it over the network, and then select Trust Server Certificate.
  7. Click . A list of tables in the database are displayed. All tables and views associated with the database will appear in a new window.
  8. From the Select Table list, select the relevant database you want to work with, and click Done. To view a preview of data contained in a particular table, select the table or view in the list and in click the Preview Table.
  9. After you have selected all the relevant tables, click Done.
    If your build fails due to connectivity issues, see Troubleshooting Windows Authentication for more information.