Using Custom SQL to Import Data

Applicable to Sisense on Linux and Microsoft Windows

Sisense allows you to import data from a variety of data sources. For users that want additional control over the data that is imported, you can define custom queries that run custom SQL against the source database. For example:

After writing your custom query, you can preview the new table before importing the data into the ElastiCube.


To add tables with custom queries:

  1. After selecting your database, click + at the bottom the list of tables and views in the database.

    An empty custom table is added and the Settings area is displayed.

  2. Click + to add additional custom tables.
  3. In the Settings area, enter your custom SQL query.
  4. Click Preview Table to preview the results of your custom query.
    Select the table from the Table list and click Done to import your custom data into Sisense.