Exporting and Importing Models

You can export and import your data and Live models into Sisense. Models are exported as .smodel files. The .smodel file contains the design of your model’s schema and its connection settings to its sources. After you import the file, you need to build the model in the case of ElastiCubes and publish it in the case of Live models so you can work with it in your dashboard.

To export a model:

  1. Open the Data page.
  2. For the relevant ElastiCube or Live model, select >Export Model.

    You are prompted to download the schema in an .smodel file.

To import a model:

  1. Open the Data page.
  2. Click Import Model.
  3. Drag your .smodel file to the Import dialog box.
    Click Browse. Navigate to the relevant .smodel file and select it. If a model with the same name already exists, you are prompted to rename the model.
    The schema is displayed and the model is added to the Data page.