Duplicating Data Models

Applicable to Sisense on Linux and Microsoft Windows

Sisense enables you to easily create copies of your data models, both live and ElastiCube models. This is useful for creating backups of your data models or creating models that can be shared with other users.

When you duplicate a data model, a copy of the model is added to your Data page. Duplicated models share the same schema as the original in its current state. This means that if you have changed your schema since its last build, the build is ignored and only the current state of the model is duplicated.

Duplicated models retain the data sources and relationships of the original model. Other assets such as row-based data security, hierarchies, and sharing permissions are not saved in the new model.

To duplicate a model:

  1. In the Data page, click the menu for the relevant model and select Duplicate Model.
  2. Enter the name of your new model.
  3. Click Save. The model is added to your Data page.