Applicable to Sisense on Linux and Microsoft Windows

When you build a data model, Sisense displays an intuitive build log that describes each step of the build.

Build logs are useful for investigating problems that occurred during your build.

The log displays each table being built as its being built. You can click the table’s name in the log to zoom in on the table in your schema. If a table fails to build, you can click its name in the log and then open the table within your data model to investigate potential causes for the failure.

Note: Your build log is available after your first build in Sisense V7.3 and later.

Once your build is complete or if the build failed, you can export a detailed log file by clicking in the build log.

The exported log is a JSON file that provides details about each table. For information about understanding the log file, see Working with Build Logs.

In addition, you can create a new dashboard from the build log or open any existing dashboards related to the data model.