Applicable to Sisense on Microsoft Windows

After you have imported your .ecube files into the target environment, there are two steps to deploying them:

  1. The Administrator must edit the .ecube to query production sources
  2. The Administrator must build the ElastiCube.

As .ecube files only contain the metadata for your ElastiCube in your source environment, you need to build the ElastiCube in the target environment. See Building ElastiCubes for more information.

If your target environment has different data sources from your source environment, for example, the source environment uses development databases whereas the production environment uses production databases, then the .ecube files need to be updated with the new data sources. There are two ways to edit the ElastiCube with the new data sources:

  1. Sisense PSM Shell to automate the process
  2. Manually open the .ecube file and edit it

Both methods are outlined below.

If you choose to migrate your ElastiCubes with .ecdata files, all you need to do is export and import them in the next environment and update the connectivity settings. Keep in mind that the size of .ecdata files can make this impractical. See the topics below for more information: