ElastiCube Source Control

Applicable to Sisense on Microsoft Windows

The best practice for source control of ElastiCubes is to maintain .ecube files through your chosen source control tool. By versioning these files, Administrators can effectively source control all of the queries Sisense executes against source databases for the ElastiCube.

Here is an example Sisense source folder in a Tortoise Git repository:

Once the repository is set up in Windows Explorer, you can add, commit, push and pull .ecube assets like any other source controlled file.

Adding New Files

To add an Elasticube to the Git Repository that has not yet been version controlled, retrieve the file from the Sisense Server Console by Exporting .ecube Files.

Once the files have been exported, commit them to the repository in your Git software.

Committing Changes

Once the .ecube file is saved to the Repository Windows Explorer folder, or if you are pushing new changes to an existing .ecube file, you need to commit the files to your repository.

To commit changes:

  1. In the Windows Explorer folder, perform a Pull to get the most recent copy of the repository in this working copy.
  2. Right-click the .ecube file you just created (or updated). If it is the first time this .ecube file has been added, select TortoiseGit and Add as shown in the image below.