Migrating .ecdata Files

Applicable to Sisense on Microsoft Windows

The ElastiCube Server contains your ElastiCubes. To migrate ElastiCubes, you must export them as .ecdata files and import them into your new environment. If the data sources that support the ElastiCube are at a different location than they were on your original server, the ElastiCube’s Changing Connectivity Settings for Data Sources must be updated.

To migrate your ElastiCubes:

  1. Declare downtime to avoid the loss of work during the process and stopping the IIS service. You can stop the IIS service by running the command iisreset /stop in the Command Prompt as an Administrator. Do not close the Command Prompt as you will need it in Step 3.
  2. Export and import your .ecdata files. See Importing and Exporting ElastiCube Data for more information.
  3. In the Command Prompt, run the command iisreset /start to restart your IIS Server.
  4. If the database location was changed as well, modify the connectivity settings. See Change Connectivity Settings to learn how.