Viewing Dashboards on Mobile Devices

Sisense Mobile connects you to your dashboard anytime, anywhere on your Android or iPhone mobile devices. Sisense Mobile decreases time to insight with an intuitive UI, search bar for locating dashboards, and responsive visualizations; You can explore your dashboards with simple gestures optimized to let you dive deep into your data or apply filters to view the data you want.

Check out a demo video below to see how you can tap, zoom, and swipe to interact with your data.

Sisense now offers a premium white-labeled version of the Sisense Mobile app that can be customized according to your branding. For more information, see Rebranding Sisense Mobile.

Getting Started

Supported Phones and Operating Systems

Get Sisense Mobile

To download the Sisense Mobile App for your device, click the relevant link below according to your version of Sisense.

Note: Sisense Mobile is supported by Sisense V6.5 and later, however, Sisense recommends you work with Sisense V7.3 or higher for optimal performance.

Logging in to Sisense Mobile

After you have downloaded Sisense Mobile, open the app to launch the login screen and enter the server address and your Sisense user credentials.

The server address should include the server IP or domain name (alias). If you are not using the default port (80), you will need to add the port as well, for example: When working with SSL security protocol, use the ‘https’ prefix.

You can sign out by opening the navigation menu and tapping Sign Out.

If you have problems connecting, check the following: