Creating PDF Reports

Applicable to Sisense on Linux and Microsoft Windows

When you need to take copies of your dashboards with you for meetings or sharing with others, you can generate a PDF report of your dashboard.

By clicking the icon on your dashboard, you can customize your dashboard’s appearance through the PDF Report Settings page. After you have defined how your dashboard is to be displayed, you can download your dashboard locally as a PDF.

Note: You can save the PDF layout in either the email report settings or in the manual download settings. When you change the layout in one, the other layout will automatically be updated. This means that you can setup your desired layout once instead of separately for each delivery method.

For a quick explanation, see the tutorial below.

To create a PDF report:

  1. From your dashboard menu, click the PDF icon .
    The PDF Report Settings page is displayed.
  2. Customize how your dashboard is displayed in the PDF. For more information, see Customizing PDF Reports.
  3. Click . The dashboard is downloaded locally as a PDF file.