You can easily view your Sisense dashboards on the go.

On a mobile phone you can use Sisense’s native mobile app or a browser to view your dashboards. Widgets appear one below the other in a view-only scrollable list.

On tablets, you can use a browser and experience the same full viewer mode as experienced on a desktop computer, so you will be able to change dashboard filters and drill into fields.

Click on a section below to learn more about how to use each option:

To see how the Mobile App works, check out this video demo.

Using the Sisense Mobile App

You can download the Sisense mobile app for Android mobile phones or iPhones.

Note: The app only works on mobile phones. For tablets, see Using Sisense in a Mobile Phone or Tablet Browser.

Supported Phones and Operating Systems

  • iPhone – Requires iOS 8 or later, Supported iPhone 5 device or higher.
  • Android – Requires Android versions 4.3 or later.

Get Sisense Mobile

To download the Sisense Mobile App for your device, click the relevant link below according to your version of Sisense.

The latest version of the Sisense Mobile app supported by Sisense V6.5 offers improved performance and the ability to receive mobile notifications from Sisense Pulse.


Sisense V6.5 and later.

iTunes GooglePlay

Working with the Mobile App

  1. Tap the Sisense app icon to open the application.
  2. If this is your first time logging in, type in the server address and then enter your username and password to log in.
    The server address should include the server IP or domain name (alias). If you are not using the default port (80) you will need to add the port as well, for example: When working with SSL security protocol, please use the ‘https’ prefix.
  3. If this is not your first time logging in, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. You can also tap server to enter the Sisense server address or choose the server from a list, and then sign in.
  4. When you receive a notification from Sisense Pulse to your mobile device, tap the notification to open the dashboard from where the alert originated.
  5. To open a dashboard, tap the dashboard’s name or tap a folder name, and then on the relevant dashboard.
    Recently used dashboards appear above the full list of dashboards (MY DASHBOARDS) for a quicker navigation.
  6. To search for a dashboard, tap the magnifying glass icon and type in the name of the dashboard.
    on iPhone devices, tap Search, and then tap the dashboard name.
  7. In the dashboard, drag the dashboard up or down to view the widgets.
  8. To get additional information on the presented dashboard, tap on the dashboard name (iPhone) or click on the ‘i’ sign at the top right (Android).
  9. Within a widget, you can tap on a value to see more details about the selected value. For example, tap on a slice in a pie chart to see the absolute value in addition to the percentage.
  10. To select a different dashboard, tap the menu icon.
  11. To filter a dashboard, you can tap the  icon. This displays the list of available filters. Tap the relevant filter to open all of its available options. Tap any of the filter options to apply the filters to your data.

You can sign out by tapping Sign Out at the bottom of the Dashboards page.

Using Sisense in a Mobile Phone or Tablet Browser

The Sisense web app is built around a responsive design that automatically optimizes viewing for mobile phones and tablets. Sisense runs in any HTML5-supported browser.

On mobile phones, widgets appear one below the other in a view-only scrollable list.

On tablets, you get to see the same view as experienced on a desktop. Also, full viewer mode is supported, so you can change dashboard filters and drill into fields.


To easily access your dashboards, we recommend adding a shortcut to Sisense on your phone’s screen.

For iPhone:

  1. Open Safari and browse to your Sisense web app.
  2. Tap on the Share icon at the bottom of the screen. Share ios
  3. Tap Add to Home Screen.
  4. Edit the name of the icon, for example: Sisense, and tap Add in the top-right corner.

For Android:

  1. Open your browser and browse to the Sisense web app.
  2. Depending on your browser, you can do one of the following:
    • In your browser’s menu, tap Add to home screen.
    • In your browser, add the page to your bookmarks (for example, in Chrome, click the bookmark android  icon). Edit the bookmark’s name, for example Sisense.
    • Access your widget tray, tap and drag Bookmark to your home screen, and select the Sisense bookmark.

Drilling into your Data

In the Sisense Mobile app, you can drill down in most widgets to get an in-depth view of a selected value.

In the following example, the left chart shows the lead breakdown by campaign source, and on the right side, the chart shows a breakdown or drill down of visits from various social media sources.

Any time you select a value, a tooltip is displayed at the bottom of your screen, which provides a description of the selected value. In this example, you see the total lead and its percentage.

In addition, the drill down icon   is displayed, which you can tap to drill down further into your widget.

Note:  You cannot drill down while in landscape mode.   

After you have drilled down into your data, you can return to a higher level by clicking o

To drill up to a higher level, click on a breadcrumb. To drill all the way up, click on the X icon.

To drill down into a chart:

  1. Tap the item in the widget into which you want to drill down.
  2. In the bottom right corner of the widget, tap the drill down icon . A list of fields by which you can drill down by are displayed.
  3.  Tap the relevant field to display a drilled down view of your widget.

Single Sign One

If you have implemented Single Sign On (SSO), your users can log in to the Sisense Mobile app, and then log in to other apps that support your SSO configuration.

This is useful for maintaining one set of login credentials across multiple apps. See Single Sign On (SSO) for more information.

Viewing Charts

Some charts are densely packed when displayed on mobile devices making it hard to analyze your data. While you can view your chart in landscape mode to view the data better, Sisense has defined several gestures that can help you focus on the relevant values.

For example, slide your finger across a chart to view the selected column’s values.

Pinch and expand the relevant area to zoom in on the target data.

Pan across the chart when zoomed in to change the view while still in zoom view.