Live Connect
  • 29 Mar 2022
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Live Connect

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Traditionally, your data was only as fresh as your latest ElastiCube build. With live connections, you can refresh your dashboards manually or set them to refresh automatically every few seconds. Sisense Live Connect queries are run directly against the data source.

The most significant difference between dashboards built on ElastiCube s and dashboards connected to Live data sources is how the load is managed. With an ElastiCube , you refresh the data when you build an ElastiCube and query the ElastiCube, not the data sources that define your ElastiCube. With Live connections, queries are run against the data source itself. This means that you don’t have to wait for an ElastiCube to finish building before you see the results. However, your data source must be able to handle the potential load of multiple refreshes.

To create dashboards built on Live connections, you create Live models. These data models include connection and credential details to the data sources. After you have created your live model, you publish it. Publishing the live model adds it to your list of data sources from which you can select when working with dashboards.

For a short video overview of working with live data, see below:

Supported Live Data Sources

For a list of supported data sources for Live connections, see Introduction to Data Sources.


The following features aren't supported in Live connections:

  1. R formulas

  2. Box & Whisker plot

  3. Certain analytical functions such as Mode and Standard Deviation

  4. Changing Live data sources from dashboards

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : I can't connect to my data source.
A : As the connection is live, the data source must be available for Sisense to connect. Also, if your credentials changes, you must update your data set so Sisense can continue to connect and refresh the data.

Q : No data sources are displayed when trying to add one?
A : In Windows Services, verify that the following are running, and if not, restart them:

  • Sisense.CLRConnectorsContainer
  • Sisense.Discovery
  • Sisense.ECMServer
  • IIS

Q : After entering a data set name, the Done button isn't displayed:
A : Make sure the data set’s name is unique. You can't create data sets with the same name.

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