Restart All Sisense Services
  • 29 Mar 2022
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Restart All Sisense Services

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Restarting All Sisense Services - Windows 7.2+

Restart using cmd line

Run sisense_7.2_restart_services.ps1 as an Administrator.

sisense_7.2_restart_services (powershell)

# Restart all Sisense Services.

# For version 7.2

Restart-Service -DisplayName "Sisense.*" -Force -WarningAction Ignore

Write-Host "Restarting services..."

Restart using 'Restart Services' on localhost:3030

This uses the endpoint that the button uses on localhost:3030.

It will restart services in the order that the application is expecting.

Restart services localhost:3030 (powershell)


#=== Restart Services ===


$url = 'http://localhost:3030/configurations/system/restart'

$body = @{"all"=$true} | ConvertTo-Json;

$headers = @{}

$headers.Add("content-type", "application/json")

try {

$response = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $url -Headers $headers -Method Post -Body $body -TimeoutSec 180



return $null


Restart services in particular order

This was written for Sisense Windows 8.0.
The services that matter which order they are restarted are:

  • Sisense.Discovery
  • Sisense.Broker
  • Sisense.Repository
  • Sisense.Oxygen
  • Sisense.Configuration
  • Sisense.Gateway
  • Sisense.Identity
  • Sisense.ECMS

Restart in order (bat)

REM ==== This order matters ====

net start Sisense.Discovery

net start Sisense.Broker

net start Sisense.Repository

net start Sisense.Oxygen

net start Sisense.Configuration

net start Sisense.Gateway

net start Sisense.Identity

net start Sisense.ECMS

iisreset /start

REM ==== Order doesn't matter after this line ====

net start Sisense.ECMLogs

net start Sisense.ECMServer

net start Sisense.Collector

net start Sisense.QueryProxy

net start Sisense.AI.Integraion

net start Sisense.CLRConnectorsContainer

net start Sisense.Galaxy

net start Sisense.HouseKeeper

net start Sisense.Intelligence

net start Sisense.Jobs

net start Sisense.JVMConnectorsContainer

net start Sisense.Orchestrator

net start Sisense.Pivot2

net start Sisense.Plugins

REM ==== Give 3 minutes pause before restarting other services ====

Timeout /T 180

net start Sisense.Reporting

net start Sisense.Shipper

net start Sisense.SPE

net start Sisense.StorageManager

net start Sisense.Usage

REM ==== Longer timeout for Report manager, can be shortened ====

Timeout /T 1800

net start Sisense.ReportManagerMessaging

net start Sisense.ReportManagerRestApi

net start Sisense.ReportManagerScheduler

net start Sisense.ReportManagerEngine

net start Sisense.StorageManager

net start Sisense.Blox

There may be additional services added since this post was created. Therefore, double-check that you have all services listed.
If the Report Manager is not in use, you can remove those lines.

Schedule script to run at a particular time or on start up of machine

Create a task using the Task Scheduler:

  1. Open the Task Scheduler and select the Task Scheduler Library.

  2. In the General tab, fill in the required information:
    • Name of task
    • Change the user if it should use a service account
    • Run whether logged in or not
    • Run with highest privileges
  3. Open the Triggers tab and click New.
  4. In the "Begin the task" field, choose what will trigger the task (for example: on startup, at a particular time, etc.).
  5. Fill in the remaining information to to configure the behavior as desired.
  6. Open the Actions tab, click New to add a task, and fill in the information below:
  7. You can search for different ways to trigger batch files, Powershell, etc., in the 'Conditions' tab > 'Settings' tab.

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