Setting up the Cloud Environment
  • 07 Sep 2022
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Setting up the Cloud Environment

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The Sisense Cloud Operations Team sets up your system in a dedicated virtual environment. They work with your Administrative users to establish access to the cloud environment and to securely connect to your data sources.
The following describes the flow for setting up the cloud environment:

  1. Complete the Cloud Setup Form : Complete this form to provide Sisense with the necessary information for configuring your Cloud environment on Sisense 's side. This form also includes designating a Cloud Focal Point who facilitates smooth communication between you and Sisense.
  2. Sisense creates a deployment for you, based on your requirements.
  3. If you need to migrate your existing production, trial, or POC system, complete the Cloud Migration Form. The Cloud Operations team will assist you with migrating Sisense.
  4. Sisense will work with your Cloud Focal Point and your IT team to set up access to your databases.
  5. If you have any advanced network configurations, such as VPC Peering, SSH Tunnels, or IPSec VPNs, Sisense will work with your Cloud Focal Point and your IT team to make the proper configurations.

Configuring Your Network

To connect the Sisense Cloud Managed Service to your database, open the ports required for your database. For example:

  • MySQL: 3306
  • Postgres: 5432
  • Redshift: 5439
  • Vertica: 5433
  • SQL Server: 1433
  • Oracle: 1521
  • MemSQL: 3306
  • Sybase: 5000
  • Exasol: 8563

After setting up your cloud environment, Sisense will contact you to schedule an online Cloud Access Verification Session.

Optional Configurations

You can implement a re-branded URL. For more information, see Custom DNS.
To connect to various data sources with the Sisense JDBC connector, see Connecting to JDBC.

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