Sisense User Roles
  • 07 Sep 2022
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Sisense User Roles

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Sisense licenses three categories of roles:


  • Admin: Administrators can access the Admin page of Sisense from where they can manage all system configuration, data sources, ElastiCubes, users, user groups and more. Sisense supports multiple Administrators.


    Sys.Admin is a special type of Administrator who installs Sisense on your system. There is only one Sys.Admin per account.

  • Data Admin: Data Administrators can manage all data sources in the system. They have access to the Admin page of the Sisense where they can only manage ElastiCubes and live connections. Data Administrators can also add and manage servers. This is useful for migrating Sisense across environments. Data Administrators do not have access to User Management and System Configuration.


  • Data Designer: Data Designers can create and edit ElastiCubes they created or were shared with them. Data Designers can access the Admin page of the Sisense where they can manage the ElastiCubes and live Connections they have access to in the Data Sources page. In addition, Data Designers can see servers, but can not add new servers. Data Designers do not have access to User Management and System Configuration.
  • Designer: Designers can create, design, edit and share dashboards. Sisense Designers determine whether the user with who they share a dashboard has editing rights (is a Designer) or only viewing rights (Viewer).


  • Viewer: Viewers can view, explore, drill down, make selections and filter the dashboards that Designers share with them. They cannot create new dashboards or edit existing ones.

This roles can be customized through the Sisense REST API. For more information, see Customizing User Roles.

  Administrator Roles Designer Roles Viewer Roles
  Admin Data Admin Data Designer Designer Viewer
System Management
Access Admin Page    
Edit System Configuration        
Configure SSO        
User Management
Create/Delete Users        
Create/Delete Groups        
Add Active Directory Users        
ElastiCube Management
Add/Delete Servers      
View Servers    
Add Live Connections    
Create/Delete ElastiCubes    
Edit ElastiCubes    
Share ElastiCubes    
Edit Servers    
Create ElastiCube Sets      
Delete ElastiCube Sets      
Manage Hierarchies    
Configure Data Access Rights    
Stop/Restart Servers      
Stop/Restart ElastiCubes    
Set Up Data Security    
Access Data Page    
Dashboard Design
Create/Edit/Delete Dashboards  
Copy Dashboard to Another Server  
Restore Dashboards  
Change Color Palettes        
Create/Edit/Delete Widgets  
Rename Widgets  
Duplicate Widgets  
Change Widget Type  
Drill into Widget
Reorder Widgets  
Create/Delete Dashboard Filters  
Toggle Dashboard Filters On/Off
Create/Delete Widget Filters  
Toggle Widget Filters On/Off  
Export Dashboards to PDF, Img, CSV
Share Dashboards ✓*  
Migrate Dashboards ✓*  
Access Pulse
Create Data Alert
Create Build Alert      
Delete Alerts *
Edit Scripts  

*The user must be the owner of the dashboard, ElastiCube, or alert.

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